Monday, June 27, 2011

A Roadtrip, a Frieniversary, and a Vegcation.

Summer is rooted deep in my system, and in order to enjoy it to the fullest, I neglect things like blog posting and cleaning the bathroom every weekend (well, that later one might be out of spite... just kidding.)  Last week I had a great excuse, though, because I toured a few apartments, found a keeper, and signed a lease then hopped on the road for a much-needed vacation to Las Vegas with Morgan.

(The above picture is proof that, in Vegas, everyone-even savvy world travelers who like to blend in as much as possible-is a tourist.)

We like to give every cool thing we do a name, so we called this trip the Vegcation.  And we had so much fun, we resolved to do it every year (not Vegas but a vacation together), so our trip became the first Frieniversary.  It was THE BEST!  No diapers, no rain, no alarm clocks, and no iCal.  Instead of all those things, I got to enjoy poolside cocktails, Trader Joe's, Cirque du Soleil, and a fluffy bed.  It was fabulous.  And now I have a kick-ass tan to flaunt for the rest of the summer.

("Smile, we're almost to Vegas!")
Roadtrips bring out the most intriguing conversations, especially while driving twelve hours through incredible scenery.   Ironically, we kept commenting on how beautiful the creation was, which made God even more cool than he already is, on our way to Sin City.  And we discussed a game-plan to avoid getting roofied, which turned into an establishment of standards for whom we would and would not accept free drinks.  Edification in the highest.

(Who needs weirdos to buy you a free drink, when you can purchase a magical, frozen, Purple Rain slushy for yourself?  Don't worry... it contained only three shots and acai berry.  Balance, Baby!)

Turns out we were too creeped out by the men to accept any free drinks, so we bought our own; however, we accepted the free dining credits from the concierge at the resort.  It's great when the service-industry messes up in Vegas!  And we skipped the night clubs upon realization that even our most "club-appropriate" outfits were something that the grandmas wear out on in V-Town.

(In Vegas you meet the most intriguing people and see the most unusual things, which includes women who creep into photos and look like E.T.)

Cheers to staying classy in Vegas (and all the time)!  And looking hot despite the failed attempt at a two-week bikini crash-diet!  And to amazing vacations with amazing friends! :)